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Apr 30 2013

Phentermine Addiction and How to Avoid It?

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coping-with-phentermine-addictionObesity is one of the biggest problems that affects the country and is a leading cause of mortality among the population. It is not only a physical problem since it can greatly affect one’s health and can exacerbate most types of illness; but also an emotional problem since it affects the person’s mentality and self-image.

Obesity, especially morbid obesity, can become a major problem down the line if not treated right early on. That is why health practitioners try to address this type of health problem immediately to avoid further complications. And one of the usual recommendations of doctors is taking weight loss medications like Phentermine.

As a Weight Loss Drug

Phentermine is a drug that is from the same family as the amphetamine class and is used as an appetite suppressant. It works similar to adrenaline by readying the muscles for movement and heightening the reflexes. As a result of this, blood is shunted towards the heart and lungs and is diverted away from the stomach which results to a decrease in appetite.

Since over eating and uncontrollable appetite are the biggest reasons for gaining weight, controlling these can do a lot in the battle against weight gain.

It is one of the most effective drugs that can be used for weight loss. However, there is one concern that should be noted with regards to this medication and that is the possibility for addiction. Since it belongs to the same family as amphetamines, there is a small chance that it may become an addictive substance.

Of course, the chance for this to happen is very small. However, there are small, isolated cases where it does happen.

As an Addictive Substance

Even though it is relatively safe, it is still classified as a Schedule IV drug which means that misuse of the drug may cause addiction. This stems from the fact that it is still part of the amphetamine family. This is also the reason why it should only be used for a limited period of time.

Addiction starts from the person using the drug, which means that the drug should be taken only with a physician’s order. People tend to overdose on the drug since they find it very effective; however, it’s effectiveness decreases as your body develops tolerance over it. They then tend to increase their dosage which increases the likelihood for addiction.

This behavior tends to create a spiral wherein the patient increases the dosage to see more effects from the drug which will increase their tolerance until they end up being addicted to it.

Avoiding the Addiction

To avoid the problem altogether, one should always follow the doctor’s prescription since the dosage and duration is tailored for your specific needs. If taking the medication doesn’t seem to have any discernible effects, then they should consult their doctor at once.

The doctor may either increase the dosage to make its effect more apparent; change the type of medication altogether since it may not work well for your body; or stop the medication altogether since the patient may have already developed a tolerance which can lead to dangerous repercussions.

The key to effective weight loss without the possible abuse of the said drug is to use it properly and follow the advice of your doctor. Phentermine is a safe drug to use as long as it is used correctly.

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Apr 29 2013

Can You Take Phentermine if You Have Heart Problems?

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heart-diseases-taking-phenterminePhentermine is a wonder drug that is known for its ability to make people lose weight quickly and easily. Doctors prescribe this drug to people who are in dire need of losing weight, like those who are morbidly obese or those who are required to have a surgery to avoid health risks.

This weight loss drug works by controlling the appetite and providing additional energy to burn more fats in the body.

Although Phentermine is an effective weight loss medication, it does pose some problems to those who have cardiovascular illnesses. This drug works in a similar manner to adrenaline. It affects the body by increasing the blood flow to the important parts of the body such as the heart and lungs and decreasing the blood going to the stomach. This is how the drug can control your appetite.

Unfortunately, this has a negative effect to those with heart problems since the increased load to the heart and faster heartbeat can aggravate certain heart conditions.

Blood Pressure and Heart Failure

If you are already suffering from high blood pressure then you should first consult your doctor before you take Phentermine. Due to its mode of action, this drug will cause your blood vessels to contract which makes them narrower and tighter. This has the adverse effect of increasing blood pressure significantly.

If you already suffer from hypertension, then your condition may be exacerbated.

Another problem is the increase in blood to the heart. Along with the increased blood pressure, more blood is shunted to the heart which makes the heart work even harder. If your heart can no longer tolerate the increased workload, a condition known as Congestive Heart Failure may happen and may lead to more cardiovascular problems down the line.

Is Phentermine Safe for Obese People with Heart Problems?

So the big question is, is it safe to use Phentermine if you already have underlying heart problems? The answer to that is both yes and no. It will entirely depend on your primary physician as only he or she can determine whether the effects of the drug are worth the risk.

It should be noted that even though this weight loss drug has side effects and adverse reactions that affects the cardiovascular system, it can still provide numerous benefits to the patient. The main reason why it is prescribed by most doctors is to help improve the cardiovascular system’s health by losing weight.

Also, Phentermine is only taken as a short course as it is never advised to take it for extended periods. Therefore, the answer eventually lies in the discretion of your primary doctor. He or she should be able to weigh whether the risk of taking the drug for a couple of weeks is worth it.

Thorough Medical Evaluation Needed

If you are in urgent need to lose weight due to health concerns, then your doctor can prescribe you with the drug. He or she must adjust the dosage to control the possible side effects.

The decision will rest in the hands of your doctor so you should disclose your medical history and other relevant information to help him or her come up with proper diagnosis and recommendation.

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Apr 28 2013

Can Artificial Sweeteners Help in Your Weight Loss?

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artificial-sweeteners-for-weight-lossWhen it comes to losing weight, a lot of people tend to go overboard and diet horrifically. They will avoid eating any type of foods with oil and fats, begin to count calories every time they eat, treat carbohydrates as the biggest sin in the world, and sometimes go as far as to refuse to eat all together.

They also tend to shun any type of sugar and trust only food that uses artificial sweeteners in them.

How the Body Reacts to Artificial Sweeteners

This may come as a shock to most people, but this method of dieting is actually a lot worse and is rarely effective. While it is true that artificial sweeteners are only sugar analogues which provide the taste of sugar without the actual calorie count, your body still tends to perceive it as such.

This means that intake of these ingredients will result in the same chemical reaction in the body: the release of insulin and the absorption of sugar into the cells to be stored as fat.

Even though your body is not receiving any sugar from that diet soda you just drank, you’re body will still try to absorb all of the sugar in the blood and convert it into fat which will actually make you gain more weight.

For people who drink diet soda daily, stopping this routine will guarantee a weight loss of 5 lbs in 6 weeks without any other effort.

The Proper Way to Diet

The proper way to diet is not by using artificial sweeteners or starving yourself but by strict control and management of what you eat. As long as you spend more calories than what you eat daily, you will lose weight so start by considering your daily lifestyle and getting a rough estimate on how much calories you spend daily. Then simply make sure that you eat less than that.

However, do not overdo it since cutting too much calories in your diet will force your body to think that it is in starvation mode and will actually try to conserve fat and generate more of them.

The Quick Alternatives

It is actually quite easy to manage the amount of calories you eat. In most cases, all those extra sugars, carbs, and calories that get into our diet come from the mid-meal snacks that we eat. Therefore, the easiest method to control this is by limiting your snack intake. However, this is easier said than done that is why Phentermine is a recommended supplement to help you with this task.

Phentermine is similar to the amphetamine type of drugs but is safe and non-addictive like its popular cousins. What it does is it triggers the bodies fight-or-flight response—our bodies’ natural survival instinct. This decreases the amount of blood that goes to your stomach so it can be used by the heart and muscles. This has the interesting effect of actually decreasing your hunger pangs and appetite which makes eating less and avoiding snacks easier.

The Effective Way of Losing Weight

In summary, artificial sugars don’t really help you lose weight at all. The surest means to lose weight is by cutting back on those unhealthy snacks that we tend to eat on a daily basis. And add Phentermine to your weight loss regimen to ensure an effective weight loss.

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Apr 26 2013

3 Effective Weight Loss Methods for a Healthier Body

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effective-weight-loss-methodsA lot of people suffer some form of weight problem whether it’s malnutrition, too much weight, or uneven muscle tone and the like. However, the most common among these is probably obesity which is already a major cause of death all over the world. While some may not be as morbidly obese, they would still want a fitter, better toned body. This idea is inspired by a myriad of reasons from health to aesthetics.

If you are also looking for means to lose weight and want to get a better and healthier body, then you should keep in mind these three weight loss methods that can help you.

Diet is Not Starvation

When people want to lose weight, the first thing that comes to their mind is dieting since it is one of the most famous methods in losing weight. A lot of famous celebrities often swear by different types of diet regimens that they use to keep their weight in check—especially when preparing for a movie role.

However, a lot of people tend to jump the gun and take this too far; they diet too much and tend to starve themselves to death which is pretty bad for the body if left unattended.

The proper way to lose weight by dieting is not through limiting what you eat but by eating in moderation. You should decrease your daily caloric intake by a small bit so as not to stress your body and force it into starvation mode because if your body thinks that it is being starved, it tends to store more calories and gain more fat.

Exercise Correctly

Another sure fire way to lose weight is through exercise. Not only will you develop a more beautiful physique, but you will also be able to improve your health and prevent certain types of illnesses. Just like diet, a lot of people tend to over exert and exercise too much which puts too much strain on their bodies.

Since they are not used to excessive and extraneous movements, putting too much strain on their bodies can lead to injuries such as sprains, or worse, fractures.

Phentermine and Weight Loss Pills

Still another way to lose weight is by using weight loss pills such as Phentermine and the like. The problem with weight loss pills, however, is in finding the best one that actually works. Since each weight loss drug is made differently, they will have different effects, side effects, and adverse reactions so you should choose carefully.

Phentermine, for example, imitates the body’s fight or flight response to decrease your appetite and hunger pangs. Other drugs have other effects so you should choose which one is more suited to your needs and which are the ones that actually work.

Dedication to Lose Weight

All in all, it really isn’t that hard to lose weight. All it takes is extreme dedication to your chosen method and doing it properly. Of course, the best way to lose weight would be to combine all of these methods together and do them properly and efficiently.

Each of these weight loss methods alone can do wonders but using them together would significantly boost their effects and hasten your weight loss.

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Apr 25 2013

Can Phentermine Help in Stopping Morbid Obesity?

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morbid-obesity-health-risks-treatmentAmong the top health problems that the general populace has nowadays stems from obesity and it is becoming a very distressing issue. Obesity causes a lot of problems to the human body ranging from stroke to heart attack, to diabetes, and almost anything in between. Most illnesses are also exacerbated if you are obese—let alone morbidly obese ones.

Despite the attention that it is getting, the problem is still getting worse. This is not surprising with the abundance of fast food and high-calorie junk foods that are easily accessible to the public. It has become so convenient that it is actually easier to eat these kinds of food since they are quick to prepare, easy to buy, and cheaper.

How do you become morbidly obese?

Being overweight is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. However, you should be wary if your weight is already exceeding the normal thresholds. You can find out if you are overweight by getting your Body Mass Index or BMI. By getting the ratio of your weight against the square of your height, you can get a general idea if you are normal, overweight, obese, or morbidly obese.

A ratio of 25 or below is normal while above that is already considered overweight. However, if the ratio reaches 30, you are already considered to be obese and anything above 35 is already morbidly obese.

Once you hit that threshold, your body begins to react differently. Joints are having a harder time to carry your weight, muscle function begins to decline due to prolonged stress, and the body’s vital functions begin working overtime to process all the excess substances in your body.

Fortunately for all of us, there is a drug that is currently being used to treat and address this problem and is it is called Phentermine. This medication is similar to the amphetamine family of drugs minus the addictive nature. It does, however, possess the positive traits that make it the drug to combat obesity- morbidly obese ones, most especially.

How Phentermine Helps

This particular drug activates the centers in the brain responsible for the fight or flight response wherein the human body readies itself for a fight which gives the person heightened reflexes and awareness. This state kicks in when we are under extreme stress and is an evolutionary feature that is used for survival.

As an interesting side effect, most of the blood is shunted towards the crucial organs such as the head and heart and reduces the blood flow going to the stomach. This slows down digestion and actually decreases hunger pangs. This is the basis of Phentermine and how it treats the person’s weight problem.

Aside from that, the increase in blood flow to the bodies active muscles make it burn fat cells faster to compensate for the increase in energy use. This brings forth renewed vitality to the person which makes it easier for them to finish their exercise regimen. With Phentermine, a morbidly obese person doesn’t even have to go on extreme diets and work-outs since just taking it will already provide your body with tons of benefits.

Do something about Morbid Obesity NOW

Being morbidly obese is a scary thing as it imposes a very huge health risk. Fortunately, this can easily be curbed by taking a revolutionary drug that can help practically anyone. Prevention is still better than cure, but with the current obesity statistics, finding ways to actually solve the problem is already a big achievement in itself.

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Apr 24 2013

How Does One Obtain Phentermine Without A Prescription?

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buying-phentermine-without-a-prescriptionPhentermine is a weight loss drug which doctors prescribe as part of a complete regimen in treating obesity. Besides the weight loss drug, the treatment includes a change in diet and exercise. Since 1959, the drug has been prescribed because of its effectiveness. As a prescription medicine you have to have a doctor’s prescription before you can buy Phentermine.

Buying Phentermine without a Prescription

This does not mean that you cannot buy Phentermine without a prescription. It is possible to buy generic Phentermine or herbal Phentermine. But these drugs may not be as effective as the branded ones especially if they come from unreliable sources. The different generic brands are also offered in different dosages and quality. This means that the generics would have a different effect on the body.

Before, there were several branded Phentermine being sold in the market but some of these were pulled-out from the shelves because of the dangerous side effects. This is not due to the ineffectiveness of Phentermine but because of the results of combining it with other drugs. At present, there are only a few branded products available.

The reason people would want to use the generic ones is due to the cost of the drug. They are cheaper as compared to the branded ones. It also makes this drug available as an alternative way to buy Phentermine without a prescription.

Herbal Phentermine

Another possible source of over-the-counter Phentermine is the use of so-called herbal Phentermine. These drugs have not passed the FDA, and have not been tested for efficacy. Additionally, herbal Phentermine does not have any Phentermine in it. Technically, you are not buying Phentermine without a prescription; you are buying an herbal drug with Phentermine-like effects.

Herbal Phentermine usually contains green tea extract, black pepper extract, L-carnitine, alpha-Lipoic acid, and in some instances Vitamin B complex. These also happen to be the standard ingredients of a host of other weight loss pills which can be bought at a fraction of the cost of prescription weight loss drugs.

The herbal alternative works in the same manner as other weight loss drugs, due to the increased metabolism and thermogenic properties of the green tea extract and black pepper extract. Alpha Lipoic acid is an antioxidant which is used in the treatment of diabetes and HIV. L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative which is also a common ingredient of other weight loss drugs. It has been used in fat burning health and energy drinks.

Moreover, this weight loss product claims that it has no side effects unlike Phentermine. This advantage is offset by the lack of testing done on the said products.

No FDA Approval

Almost all herbal alternatives have not been submitted for FDA approval. This FDA warning could be easily seen on the label. When taking herbal weight loss tablets, take not that the drug has not undergone FDA testing. To be on the safe side, it is important to strictly follow instructions on use.

Check the list of ingredients to see if there is anything listed that you might be allergic to. When in doubt or if there are any adverse side effects, visit your doctor.

Buying Phentermine without a Prescription Possible?

There are ways to have Phentermine without a prescription, however, be cognizant of the issues and possible dangers. These drugs may not have the same efficacy as the prescription Phentermine, or they might have a different set of side effects altogether.

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Apr 22 2013

Ways of Determining Obesity and How Phentermine Can Help

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measuring-fat-in-the-body-using-caliperObesity is one of the biggest problems the country is facing nowadays. To combat this problem, we must first gain an understanding of it. The word overweight and obesity is often used interchangeably. However, technically, there is a big difference between the two.

Overweight refers to a person whose weight is in excess of the normal and includes muscle mass and water weight. Obesity, on the other hand, is specific to a person whose body has an excess amount of fat. A body builder may be overweight but not necessarily obese.

Methods to Determine Obesity

There are a lot of ways to determine whether a person is obese or not and one of the most popular method that almost everyone knows is by using the Body Mass Index or BMI. This method is done by getting the ratio of one’s weight compared to the person’s height. A person who weighs 70 kg and whose height is 175 cm will have a BMI of 22.85. The upper limit for a normal person is 25 while those above 25 but below 29.9 are considered overweight. Anything above 30 is considered obese.

Another tried and tested method is the Waist/Hip ratio. This is measured by getting the narrowest part between the rib cage and hips. This is then divided by the widest part of the hips. If the ratio is higher than 1.0 for men and 0.9 for women, then there is a big possibility that the person maybe obese.

Another well-known method is by using Calipers to measure the skin fold thickness over the biceps, triceps, and below the shoulders. These numbers are then compared to a chart with standard values to determine if the person is obese or not.

However, these techniques are somewhat non-conclusive since they are only comparing the values to the set standards that have been found in other people. To truly determine the body fat percentage in the body, it is more useful to use more technical methods.

One such method is Air-Displacement Plethysmography wherein the machine estimates the body fat percentage by using the air pressure differences in the empty chamber and the occupied one.

How Phentermine Can Solve This

Fortunately for us, modern technology has not only given us means to determine if we are overweight but also a way to easily combat this predicament. There are various ways of maintaining a healthy weight or losing those excess fats in the body.

One of these options is using weight loss medications like Phentermine. It is a synthetic drug that has been proven to work effectively to those who are looking for means to lose weight quickly and easily. This drug affects the body by releasing adrenaline to mimic the body’s natural fight or flight response. Going into fight or flight will give the person increased energy and will not feel hungry due to blood being redirected to the heart, brain, and muscle cells.

This drug is most useful to obese people to jump start their weight loss endeavor since it will help them control hunger pangs as well as provide them with enough initial energy to begin their exercise regimen. Also, any sort of diet will be relatively easier to comply with since you get to manage your hunger pangs.

Managing and Controlling Obesity Effectively

Obesity is already considered an epidemic and is probably a by-product of our ability to produce more and more things. Fortunately, there are effective means available in managing and controlling this problem.

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Apr 19 2013

The Rise of Childhood Obesity and the Use of Phentermine for Children

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childhood-obesity-phentermine-useIndependent studies have shown that the 21% to 24% of all American children are overweight, with another 16% to 18% categorized as obese. The studies also show that this trend has been growing for the past few decades.

Some scientists say that it is possible that the generation of children today will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Growing Problem of Childhood Obesity

Obesity in children predisposes them to early hypertension, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, liver and renal diseases, possible thyroid problems, and issues with reproductive function. Early obesity also puts children at risk for adult obesity, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

The increase of the incidence of overweight and obese children has reached epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, it is also a complex problem which is not just limited to increased food intake, or social and environmental changes. It is not limited to any specific demographics, but has been observed across the board for all children’s age group, ethnic and racial groups, and in both sexes.

In major studies pertaining to obesity in society, the main metric used has been the body mass index or BMI. The study has shown that normal BMI is dependent on the child’s age, sex and pubertal status. A child is considered overweight or obese if the BMI is greater than the 85th or 95th percentile rank based on normal curves for the specific population based on the 1963 to 1965 and 1966 to 1970 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

The child can also be considered obese if the BMI exceeds 30 kilograms per meter. The numbers have moved since the values were measured for 1963, and the resulting statistics for today’s children is skewed significantly towards the heavy side of the curve.

Initiatives to Curb Obesity in Children

There have been measures taken and government programs implemented to address obesity in children. The most famous and the latest step were introduced by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. He introduced a city ordinance limiting the size of soda bottles and servings.

This was supposed to limit the consumption of soda and other flavored sugar drinks. However the city ordinance implementation was thrown out due to unequal and arbitrary treatment of service establishments.

The American Heart Association’s guideline for daily sugar intake is 100 calories for women and 150 for men. Contrast this with a 7-Eleven Big Gulp which contains more than 360 calories of added sugar per serving. The extra sugar intake has been shown to significantly increase the risk of gaining weight, becoming overweight or obese.

Phentermine Use for Children

Today, various weight loss programs have been developed to curb obesity not just for adults but also for children. In some cases the use of Phentermine is prescribed by doctors to adults as a weight-loss drug because it effectively suppresses hunger pangs. Additionally, Phentermine is from the amphetamine family and when ingested it helps burn fat.

However, it is doubtful that Phentermine would be prescribed for younger children as it is currently not approved for children under the age of 16.

As a short-term weight loss medicine, Phentermine have been great in fighting obesity. It helps the body lose weight together with a regimen of exercise and proper diet. It would have been a good fit with any children’s weight loss program.

If you have an overweight or obese child, consult your health care professional so that he or she can determine if your child is already allowed to take Phentermine.

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Apr 17 2013

What to Do When You Have a Drug Test While Taking Phentermine

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drug-tests-results-phentermine-useA common question about Phentermine is the effect it may have on a person’s drug tests. To be more specific, if it is related to the amphetamine family of drugs, will it show in drug tests?

Drug tests have become quite common in the workplace. Most jobs require a drug test as part of the employment screening process, and some jobs have random drug testing on a regular basis. With the use of Phentermine as a weight loss pill to combat obesity, there is a big possibility that it will appear as an amphetamine in drug tests. Phentermine is part of the amphetamine family and has amphetamine-like characteristics.

Various Drug Testing Procedures

Drug testing companies have taken this into consideration. During drug testing, there are several tests conducted on the samples. This is a way to cross-check the results, ensuring that there is a very small chance that the results are false positives. Normally, drug testing laboratories do a second or a third test to confirm amphetamine use. In this case, Phentermine will appear positive for amphetamine on the Immunoassay (FPIA) test.

However, it will not appear as amphetamine in the GC/MS, which serves as confirmation for the earlier positive result.

Another test to confirm for amphetamine is the I-Screen 5 panel test. This is not really a confirmation test but it is an easy-to-use tool which can help determine if the tested person is really using Phentermine as a weight loss drug, or is using it to mask other drugs.

Phentermine is not the only drug that may return positive results during drug testing. The cases where legitimate medications return positive for banned substances is the reason why cross-checking is done by testing companies.

Metabolizing Phentermine

Drugs and other chemicals are usually expelled by the body through sweating, urine or feces. The body metabolizes chemicals inside the body and reconstitutes the chemicals into a form which is usable by the body. The waste products from the process are chemicals called metabolites.

The metabolites expelled by the body after using Phentermine are almost the same as metabolites from using amphetamines. Ingredients and other chemical residues remain in the body even some time after use, and it is possible to test positive weeks after using Phentermine. In most instances, chemical residues are also present in the hair, skin and other organs of the body.

Reveal Your Phentermine Use

As part of the drug testing, there is usually a questionnaire which have to be filled up, or an interview process, where the person is asked if he is taking any medication. If you are taking Phentermine, you have to say it upfront, before the test. This will allow the drug testing company to include that information in the results. They would also most probably take other tests to make sure that the test results are correct.

Besides withholding information, one other problem which is usually encountered is self-medication. There are some people who use Phentermine without a doctor’s prescription. As part of the drug test, you will be asked to show your prescription. This also checks if you are taking your Phentermine medication at the right dose – or more than what is prescribed, at a higher dosage or longer than the prescription states.

Taking a higher dosage of Phentermine or using it longer than the doctor’s prescription might lead to complications. In the case of a drug test, this will show some significance in the result. There might be negative connotations when the drug test results come out.

Take Phentermine for the Right Purpose

To avoid any potential problems with negative drug test results, the best approach would be to have a printed copy of the Phentermine prescription submitted as part of the testing procedure. Phentermine is not an illegal drug, however, it is a prescription medication and the copy of the prescription serves as a pass for drug testing purposes.

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Apr 15 2013

Choosing the Best Available Weight Loss Drug in the Market

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best-weight-loss-drug-in-the-marketThe battle of the weight loss drugs is on. Each promises to guarantee effective weight loss with the most minimal side effects. Scientists continue to research and experiment with different substances that can facilitate weight loss. As a result, weight loss pills abound in the market today, making it difficult for consumers to choose which suits them best.

What’s with Weight Loss Pills?

Medical experts prescribe these pills for individuals who find it hard to reduce weight due to existing medical conditions, environmental factors, genetics, etc. These medical practitioners understand that weight loss in obese individuals is not achievable without medications.

Some of them are prescription only drugs while others can be bought over the counter. So what are the most common weight loss pills and how do they work?

Popular Weight Loss Drugs

Here are some of the popular weight loss drugs available in the market today:

• Phentermine. This weight loss drug is probably the most prescribed by physicians because it is backed up with clinical studies that prove its efficiency with regards to weight loss. It is classified as an appetite suppressant that works by mimicking the “emergency hormones” of the body. Minor side effects like restlessness, dry mouth and others usually occur when more than the prescribed amount is taken. Individuals with a history of drug dependence, heart and respiratory ailments, pregnant women and children under 16 are not allowed to take the drug.

Phentermine is recommended for 4-12 weeks as it can be habit-forming. Weight loss is estimated at 16-34 pounds.

• Alli. It is classified as a lipase inhibitor. It is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. It helps absorb 30% fat but not proteins and carbs. Excess fat per meal is excreted, unabsorbed, which poses a problem for certain people as they feel severe diarrhea and oily spotting. The drug is also associated with rare cases of severe liver injury. Maximum weight loss recorded is 6 pounds. Other brand names containing the similar ingredients are Orlistat and Xenical.

• Zantrex-3. Zantrex 3 claims that users may lose up to five times more weight by boosting energy and the body’s potential to burn fat. The original active ingredient of this weight loss pill was ephedrine, which was banned due to serious health issues. Manufacturers have substituted ephedrine with huge amounts of caffeine and claims that users may lose up to 20 pounds.

• Diethylpropion. This drug also acts by suppressing the appetite. Side effects include dizziness, headaches, sleeplessness and nervousness. It is not yet approved by the FDA as there no existing medical studies to support the manufacturer’s claims that it can cause weight loss.

• Bontril. This is another appetite suppressant pill that requires prescription. It is known to cause allergic reactions, dizziness nausea and constipation.

• Meridia. Meridia contains sibutramine, a drug connected with serious heart disorders. This drug has been removed from the market due to health risks.

• Kava-Herbal. Kava-Herbal is extracted from Kava Kava herbs. It is known to cause extreme liver damage to several patients and in rare instances, death. Some countries have banned its use.

• Fat Absorber TDSL. This weight loss pill contains Amylase, Atractylodes, Chitosan and Magnesium Sterate. Previous studies have not yet confirmed its effectiveness in weight loss.

Proper Selection of Weight Loss Medication

These are just some of the weight loss pills in the market today. There are still so many out there. In choosing the best weight loss pill, it is best to consult your doctor. Health practitioners know which of these weight loss drugs is best for you.

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